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NSA Liberation Portal

A Free Group Journey to Anchor a New Level of Liberation! 

Sun 9th Jun

12-2pm AEST

via Zoom


Ola epic souls!
I'm Odelle, Founder & CEO of Odelle's World 😏

And I'm so fucking excited to be facilitating this group NSA (Neuro-Somatic Attunement) journey where we will be anchoring in the new belief: “I am excited to take action & receive love money for the greatest good of all humanity" !!!


WTF is NSA & why is this so exciting??? Just come & play, and you'll know why! You will get to process & integrate all emotions that are in the way of you embodying this new belief in full mind-body-soul coherence. Trust me, or rather... trust your intuition! game. changer. 

What's Going Down?! 

I want to anchor this new belief!!! And experience this magical portal of liberation!!

Check Your Emails!!!​

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