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Sound Medicine 

Healing prayers, transmissions, inspiration, activations and magic from my soul, to yours

Healing Prayers
Seeds Of PossibilitiesOdelle Wolfenden
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"Seeds Of Possibilities"

A transmission that came through on the 26th of January, 2023, on Jinibara Country, Cedar Creek, Australia. A day of mourning for many, the original custodians of the lands that were invaded and innocent lives, taken, the ripple effect of shattered culture and souls that is in the here now. 

Through loving presence and awareness, we have the potential to heal the fractures, and bring reconciliation to the hearts and souls of all of humanity, feeling our ancient ancestors being honoured, revered and remembered. Unity returning. Connection. 

Through us, we can heal this land. 

Thank you for your sacred to listen and be with this transmission.

I am claiming my body backOdelle Wolfenden
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"Claiming My Body Back"

A transmission that came through for a male friend on an unsuspecting day. We ventured to the sacred waters, and amongst ancient stones, he felt it time, to stand tall bare skinned and broad boned, to claim his body back. 

Dissolving pain and shame, of cock size and belly fat, letting it all go, to feel the gratitude and freedom of his soul, having chose this body, and it is perfect. 

Through receiving and singing along with this transmission, may you also claim your body back, in all of it's glory.

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