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Calling forth...

33 magical Golden Earth Leaders,

Feel-all-the-feels Heart Warriors

+ Litty Titty Legendary Lightworkers

for this revolutionary personal + collective mission of LOVE + anchoring into your highest divinest timeline for the heart-womb, love and spirit-led future of humanity


A potent ONE DAY mystery journey on sacred land...


for your grandest reconnection, reclamation + remembrance yet...


of your sacred heart, womb/hara, body, unique soul essence + medicine, genius, talent, self-belief, self-trust + self-love...


And anchoring of the Golden Age of Miracles!

Because... the world is lit, when you're lit.

A Calling HomeOdelle Maiala Ixaro
00:00 / 03:30

(the channelled song above, is a calling HOME + if it stirs deep within your heart + soul... it's highly likely this journey is for you)

This magical mission landed loud & clear from my guides that made me ecstatic (+ gut churning at the same time)... 

Because of the significance of what we are about to activate for the greatest good of all... through our PURE HEART POWER


You've been individually remembering aspects of your soul, healing, gifts, activating your heart and being in beautiful service to humanity, through being you... 


and now it's time to UNITE + AMPLIFY for the


grandest, most liberating + magical remembrance, activation + homecoming yet

For you to be able to flow into the most

  • joyful

  • abundant

  • love-led and,

  • fulfilling

life + service that your heart + soul is longing for!!! 

There are many aspects to this sacred unfolding... 

And one important aspect for you to know, is that this is a devotional mystery school journey condensed into ONE DAY, so your participation requires 3 key embodiments of: 

  1. Radical TRUST

  2. Copious COURAGE

  3. Childlike CURIOSITY 

If this is you, let's go deeper! 

The Vision

I was shown us in a heart mandala on the land,


made of luminous soul tribe that would be the portal, the doorway through which each individual's heart would be fully activated to the highest love, the Cosmic heart, and Oneness,

The primary pillars of remembrance + reclamation being:

  • breath

  • sound

  • song

  • light

  • light language

  • visualisation

  • prayer

  • imagination

  • energetics

  • ritual

yet in ways you've never experienced before


and together, being + creating a Golden Heart of love-light so radiant, that it would ripple across the Earth as golden rivers, creating spontaneous awakenings and heart openings for a significant many...


and as you be in the world, your radiance will continue to magnetise + awaken the hearts of humanity


The significance of this flow on affect cannot be understated, on a personal level, for your highest dreams + desires to be realised,


yet also on a collective and cosmic scale, at this critical point in Gaia's journey, to support humanities remembrance and Gaia's ascension into her highest expression of... 


This journey is for you if you share the collective dreaming of Heaven on Earth, of the prayer of birthing the GOLDEN EARTH... 

That WE become the living, breathing embodiment of

  • That reveres and honours the holy Mother, lands and waters

  • With humanity dancing and singing in divine ecstasy 

  • In harmonic, symbiotic relationships between the seen and unseen realms

  • With playing and praying being the way of being

  • With radiant, efferverscent joy bursting from the hearts of humanity

  • In celebrating and cheering for every souls full divine, sovereign expression

  • Where creativity, ceremony and art is the mainstream culture

  • Of complete sensual, sexual and spiritual liberation for all 

  • Love to obliterate all false narratives and fear paradigms from the world

  • Life to be lived as one giant playground of unified delight

  • Each souls unique gifts to be remembered, activated and honoured by the world

.... this is OUR PRAYER

Can you feel it coming alive with every breath you breathe? 


Odelle, what do I expect? 
Who, how + what will I emerge? 

Expect the unexpected, and expect miracles 💫


Imagine, imagine, imagine...

With wry smiles, we step together onto sacred land, into this collective dreaming ceremony where the passageway of time collapses, and we open the doorways to infinite possibilities


The dreams… in conscious or unconscious awareness stirring in the centre of our hearts, longing to be birthed into existence

No longer will you deny your heart + truth


You get to destroy and dissolve all that's no longer serving and create all that you desire from your joy and magic


You are, after all, the sovereign creator of your reality...


Whether you have been feeling fully aligned in your life, service + expression OR waves of feeling overwhelmed, flat or struggling to see the light of how we can create this divine reality... 

No matter what's unfolding in your life right now - 


This mystery journey guided by ancient wisdom + love, pulsing with infinite, magical possibilities of what will be remembered, activated and unlocked for you is here and you are worthy...

What I've noticed in my vortex, is that magic is happening QUANTUM SPEED, yet is sustainable and delicious


and all that's required is for you to hold pure desire + intention that you will emerge recalibrated beyond your wildest imagination for the greatest good of you and all...

Open to the magic of:

  • all 33 facets of your heart activated to feel ultimate trust, self-love + unconditional love for all

  • feeling deeeeeeply reconnected to Source + God with a clear, divine, channel

  • remembrance of your unique soul gifts

  • feeling next level empowered, devoted + clear in your life path + soul mission

  • knowing + being your divine, sovereign expression 

  • light language activating

  • kundalini awakening and feeling more alive and powerful than ever

  • reconnection with your spirit team, power animals, your dragon guide

  • activate your soul song

  • + what your heart desires...

It's time to gather with soul tribe who are here to rebirth the Golden Earth in all it's glory, and celebrate as you feel your victory! 

Rough Outline Of Journey
9:30am - Arrival
10am - Open Ceremony
2pm - Break for light refreshments (primarily fresh fruits, keeping the channel clean and clear until we end with a feast)
2.45pm - Recommence Ceremony
6.30pm - Feasting, Fire and Celebration 
8pm - Journey Completes
* Have a nourishing, wholefoods breakfast before arrival
This journey is for you if you desire to:

  • Come all the way HOME to your original sovereign, empowered, trusting, peaceful & heart-centred self 

  • Be fully connected, aligned and unapologetically expressive of your authentic heart and soul path, being seen and heard!

  • Dissolve self-limiting beliefs & self-doubt, eradicate fear and return to self-trust, self-confidence & love at whole new levels

  • Have clarity on your unique soul mission + to take action

  • Create + swim in the golden rivers of abundance

  • Be intimately weaving with potent souls who inspire, honour, celebrate and support you

  • Have deep, revolutionary and nourishing relationships - with self, others, Mother Earth and God

  • Feel radically alive, in love and live wildly like it's your last moment on Earth

  • Embody the wildly, audacious, creative, unapologetic love exploding soul that you know you are

  • Be so anchored in your truth, beauty and power that you feel unfuckwithable and no external forces uproot you

  • BELIEVE in the power of prayer & collective consciousness to birth new realities & activate a new timeline for our Golden Earth

This journey is NOT for you if you:

  • Don't want to live from the highest love and be of service to the rebirth of the Golden Earth

  • Aren't here for the greatest good of all

  • Aren't willing to take radical responsibility for your life

  • Don't trust in the power of love to reveal and heal all 

  • Want a light and fluffy journey and you aren't prepared to meet your deepest grief, darkest shadow, and your highest joy and personal power

  • Aren't comfortable with light language 

  • Are afraid of the dark and going into the unknown 

Alexa Young, CA

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Your Golden Ticket 

I lovingly & delightfully devote for $333!


Was $999 in the original download, but spirit said we could lower it! 🎉

Your Devotion  


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