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Welcome sacred soul ...

Blessed be the cosmic weaving and sacred story to bring us back together again in this lifetime to fulfil our sacred soul missions in the Rebirth of the Golden Earth with love, joy and graceful ruthlessness ☯︎

May we breathe gratitude together in this moment


I am Odelle Maiala Ixaro

The one who sings the sacred songs of the ancient and faraway lands, Mother and Guardian of the Dragons, Trees and Rivers, and one who knows love beyond bounds and meets you at the crossroads on your way home to who you truly are

I am honoured to be of service as a soul and spirit guide for the rebirthing of ourselves and our Golden Earth with you at this incredible time in Earth's evolution 



We, as wild, consciousness expanding souls, are sovereign, unapologetic and free and the wayshowers for the rest of humanity to return to the truth of who they are

There is no need to fear your power, you are so loved, guided and supported


And it is time for you to step into your lightwork even more boldly and audaciously

Through ancient songs, art, sacred expression and quantum mystery work, it is my holy prayer that you remember who you truly are, unlock your medicine gifts, activate your soul's true potential and fulfil your missions on Earth for the greatest good of you and all

We all hold Golden keycodes for one another 


May we listen deeply to the whispers of nature, our bodies, hearts, wombs and let our channel open to Source for the pure wisdom to stream through 

We are the ones we've been waiting for 

We are at a tipping point, a choice-point as a humanity, to choose our power and face the dark forces courageously claiming our highest timeline from the highest light or ... let them win

May we bravely journey into the black womb of no-thing, of Sophia, to shed all that is untrue, siphoning our energy and retrieve all that is rightfully ours 

May we be fully expressed, in our unique magic and majesty, reunited in holy harmony and sacred unity with Mother Earth, God and all that is once again


Bless you and thank you for choosing to be here now in service! 

It is my honour to be of service during this time of rapid remembrance and if you feel it true to explore working together more deeply, message me directly or respond to any of the offers provided


(ps. rest assured there will be lots of wild joy along the journey, "fucks" and "litty titty" as my OG expressions)

In love, 



And Infinite Possibilities

Odelle Maiala Ixaro ⚚

ways to work with me...

Wild Soul Reborn

This is a 2 month + retreat, death and rebirth journey for 6 sisters on sacred land in Cedar Creek, near Samford. This is the cornerstone of my soul's work and mission for birthing Heaven On Earth. If you desire to let go of everything that is weighing you down, and remember your magic from the inside out... this is the journey for you.


Our next journey begins on the 14th February, 2023.

If you feeeeeeeel a nudge (or push) toward this... connect with me via here , the chat box or social media.


We, The Womben

It is a movement of wild co-creation of the power of womben to birth Heaven On Earth for all life to thrive! It is a cosmic portal, the womb of infinite possibilities. The collective rhythm and song will ripple through the land for us all. By connecting with your sisters, with knowing eyes of who she is. This is a safe space where you get to embody your truth, innocence, magnificence, FULLNESS… in the mystery of the unfolding. A deepening into trust and surrender.


You will be bathed and/or guided through light language transmissions, connection experiences, activations, sound journeys… engaging your womb, heart, body, soul, voice! Opening into ecstatic dance, collective drumming (bring yours), contact improv, breath, vocal expression. 

The music will merge juicy, sensual beats with tribal, Earthly and slower sacred song to enliven and call home every inch of you. Moving through waves of expansion and contraction, outward and inward, high and lower energy, with sovereignty to rest and rejuvenate whenever called for. 

PART 1: Grounding & Connecting

PART 2: Exploring & Expressing 

PART 3: Remembering & Revelling

Our voices and drums will become one. Around the central altar of manifestation. Continuing to cultivate your clearest visions, for yourself, each other, and our Earth. Placing old stories into the flames and making space for new magic to birth! 

Dates for this year: 

4th Feb

6th May

5th August 

18th Nov

Join the co-creation! ​​​​​​

Private Mentorship

In 2023, I will have space to support 12 women privately, in coming home to their soul truth. This is an intensive journey of shedding the layers of illusion, fear and suffering, to feeeeeel all of the emotions, to embody radically honesty and love, and to step boldly into your true mission. This includes weekly 90min Zoom calls and Mon-Fri voice and message support. 

3, 6, 9 or 12 month options available. 

Contact me if you want more info, or to book a possibility call. 

I love you xx


Sacred Ecstatic Dance with Odelle was a very powerful experience. A space held with grace, devotion and freedom, where I was able to express myself fully, feel heard and held, and release emotions that arose. Through the process of breath work and then free, intuitive movement I became present with myself in a way I haven’t before. I let things out that we’re stuck for a long time. I kept moving when it felt good. It feels as if I have touched a new world of embodied movement I never knew existed in me. Thank you darling Odelle for holding the space for each of us to access the magic that resides inside our very core.

Lauren Grace, Sacred Space Facilitator

poetry, musings, song

May you smile
Giddy at the remembrance
I am God
All I desire, desires me
I am free
I create my reality
No one, no thing controls me
Not even little "me"
Sacred Soul Sovereignty

We, the creators

Let it all stream through




Steeped in womb whispers I write

Dreaming of our Earthly wonderland I create

Jump to my instagram for streaming music, songs, inspiration and magic!

Seeds Of PossibilitiesOdelle Wolfenden
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I am claiming my body backOdelle Wolfenden
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Remembering who we are, and what we're here for, one at a time.
Jinibara Country 
Samford Valley, QLD, AUS, 4520
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